Once upon a time…A mother and daughter put their talents and hard work together, to create the most enchanting treat a gal could ask for.

Allie Pearson has been a long time entrepreneur and mother. Candace, being raised by a very creative, diligent, and ambitious woman, has always been inspired by her mother and dear friend & sidekick. Candace is very thankful that she inherited all of these traits. Candace Pearson attended the Institute of Culinary Education and received a degree in Pastry Arts and Design, thus making each cupcake look like the real thing!

So it all started with some Cupcake baking pans, a countertop mixer, and Candace’s collection of pastry production supplies in Ali kitchen. They started selling on ETSY, picked up sales reps around the United States, and grew the business over the last 9-10 years. From a small location in Hendersonville, North Carolina, Candy Cakes is doing big business. Large and small, carry their products—including the Waldorf Astoria hotel chain, Hallmark, The Biltmore Estate  & Michele Germain to name a few.